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Sexual Harassment In Restaurants

Why Is Sexual Harassment Common In Restaurants?

In the restaurant business, sexual harassment is a widespread issue. Restaurant workers file more claims of sexual harassment than employees in any other sector. According to one research, 90% of women are affected by sexual harassment in the food service industry. This is a major issue in all forms of eating places, including full-service restaurants, bars, and limited-service restaurants. It’s also a problem at the lower end of the market. Another finding revealed that 40% per cent of women working in fast food businesses had been subjected to unwanted sexual conduct.

Why are restaurants so vulnerable to such conduct? Here’s a look at some of the causes of why sexual harassment is an ongoing problem in these restaurant environments.

Restaurants Are A Male-dominated Industry

In the restaurant business, as in many others, men generally have a greater number of leadership positions. While women are breaking through the glass ceiling, males tend to own and manage most restaurants. When a workplace is not sensitive to the needs of women, it may perpetuate this problem. Many high-end chefs nurture a cult of personality with their egos in addition to creating an intimidating and difficult working environment for women to bring complaints about sexual misconduct.

Casual And Pleasurable Environment


Restaurants are not the same as, for example, an insurance agency or a dentist’s office. Going to a restaurant is all about eating delicious food, indulging in hedonism, and frequently consuming alcohol. Many individuals do not consider a restaurant to be a professional work environment. Rather, it is a casual location where friends and family may socialize and have fun.

Young People Generally Work In Restaurants


Many people who work in the business are young, particularly non-managerial employees. Young restaurant staff may be unaware of what is and is not acceptable behavior in this profession. They might also be persuaded or frightened into avoiding making claims if they are new to the field or inexperienced workers.

Understanding the challenges that restaurants confront is the first step toward resolving them.

Contact Texas Sexual Harassment Lawyers

If you find yourself in a situation where your restaurant manager, coworker or clients are harassing you, you must determine your choices and how to proceed if the individual bullying you are the site’s highest-ranking employee. You also need to be sure that if you report your manager for harassment, you are not retaliated against.

A consultation with an employment lawyer may help you not only figure out what to do next but also have someone working on your behalf during a difficult circumstance. Contact Texas Personal Injury Lawyers immediately.

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