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When Filing A Brain Injury Claim, The Future Is Important

The effects of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can last a lifetime and sometimes get much worse over time. As a result, when you file a brain injury lawsuit, you should not only seek compensation to help pay for the injuries you have already incurred. You should also seek compensation for the future damages you are likely to suffer, as well as those that you could incur in the distant future.

Texas Personal Injury Lawyers understand the difficulties that victims and their families face following a TBI. Our personal injury attorneys have considerable expertise handling these claims and assist customers in understanding how future claims for brain damage are calculated.

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What Are Past Damages In A TBI Claim?

All of your prior and present damage claims are liabilities for your TBI claim. Because these are all based on incurred costs or wages lost that can be recorded on a bill, receipt, or payslip, it should not be difficult to calculate economic damages. Essentially, if you can obtain a paper copy of the damage, it is an example of economic damage.

Examples Of Commonplace Past Damages In A TBI Claim Are:

  • Emergency medical care
  • Extended hospitalization and treatments
  • Wages lost due to being unable to work
  • Property repair, such as after a car accident

Because the medical therapies needed to try to offset the consequences of a brain injury are quite specialized and in-depth, many previous injuries in a TBI claim can be severe, ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Keep a thorough and clear record of your medical expenses so that your brain injury lawyer may calculate your previous losses.

What Are The Different Types Of Future Damages In A Brain Injury Claim?


Future damages are any injuries to your brain that have not yet occurred as a result of your accident. Because the method is founded on prediction and estimation, there is no such thing as a perfect approach to computing future losses. This is where the assistance of a knowledgeable catastrophic injury lawyer becomes critical. Your attorney can accurately estimate future losses using their knowledge as well as information from your medical care providers and employers, rather than relying on guesswork.

Examples Of Future Damages In A Brain Injury Claim Are:

  • Continued Medical Care And Rehabilitation:

Memory loss, motor coordination impairment, speech debilitation, paralysis, and a variety of other long-term effects are all possible. Some of these symptoms may be somewhat alleviated through continued treatment and rehabilitation therapy. Despite the fact that it is clearly advantageous, healthcare costs can be quite high. If not more, hundreds of thousands of dollars might be spent on specialized therapy and subsequent hospitalization for a brain injury sufferer over the years.

  • Reduced Ability To Earn An Income:

Living with a brain injury is often a struggle. It might be tough to look after yourself and hold down a job. The income you would have made had you never had your accident, whether you are currently unable to work entirely or if you have taken a less demanding job position with lower pay should be factored in when calculating future damages stated in a TBI claim.

  • Pain And Suffering:

It is a leap of faith to assume that the effects of long-term brain damage will result in chronic pain and incapacity. Losing your freedom, mobility, and cognitive capacity may be emotionally draining, reducing your pleasure in life significantly. These damages might be difficult to quantify because they are not financial. Noneconomic injuries are those that cannot be expressed in monetary terms using a bill or receipt. The portion of a TBI claim dealing with future noneconomic damages is frequently the largest, resulting in the most compensation paid out to the claimant or plaintiff.

Looking To The Past And Future At Once In The Case Of A Brain Injury


The key to obtaining a successful and equitable brain injury claim is to figure out how much harm the brain damage has already caused and will likely do so in the future. When both are considered, and the compensation paid as a result of that calculation, the claimant has a chance to live their life as comfortably as possible. Make sure your lawyer understands how important it is to consider previous and future damages while defending your TBI claim.

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