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What Is Sexual Harassment At Work?

If you have been the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, you should contact an expert attorney right away. Women and males may both be subjected to sexual harassment, which can take a variety of forms.

  • Harassment can take many forms, including verbal and non-verbal. Gesticulations, photographs, posters, notes, leering eyes, and other conduct may all contribute to a hostile environment.
  • It may be carried out by a same-sex individual.
  • It can happen at any workplace activity, function, or event, regardless of location.
  • It may be a single occurrence or a number of actions.

If you or someone you care about has been sexually harassed at work, please contact Texas Sexual Harassment Lawyers right away at (888) 997-2148. We provide free initial consultations to clients throughout the state and serve individuals from all walks of life. For your protection and privacy, all discussions are kept confidential.

Types of Sexual Harassment Lawyers

We take every precautionary measure to ensure that your case is fully prepared for the greatest possible result. To be successful, reporting and recording sexual harassment must be done cautiously. All of the following elements of sexual misconduct will be explained to you:

  • Hostile work environment
  • Physical harassment at work
  • Verbal abuse in the workplace
  • Manager-employee harassment
  • Employee-employee harassment
  • Harassment for men
  • Harassment for women
  • What is a hostile workplace?
  • EEOC harassment definition
  • Quid pro quo harassment
  • Sexual harassment litigation
  • Suing for sexual harassment process
  • Retaliation in the workplace

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If you’re being subjected to a sexually hostile work environment or unsolicited sexual advances, don’t put up with it. Don’t wait any longer to speak with a lawyer. To talk with an experienced attorney at Texas Sexual Harassment Lawyers, call (888) 997-2148 immediately. 

Call our legal team immediately at (888) 997-2148 to schedule a free case evaluation with one of our experienced sexual harassment lawyers and it will be your initial step toward receiving fair and just compensation. We take cases on a contingency fee basis and there are no costs unless we win, and the consultation is completely free.