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Verbal Sexual Harassment

People at work may talk about a variety of non-work issues with one another. While many of these talks are appropriate for the workplace, it is not uncommon for someone to make sexual abusive remarks to a coworker or employee.

People who are subjected to verbal sexual harassment remarks at work may, in some cases, be able to seek compensation from their employer. Sexually verbal statements frequently qualify as sexual harassment, and employees subjected to outrageous comments at work should contact a lawyer immediately to protect their right to sue their employer.

The experienced sexual harassment lawyers at Texas Personal Injury Lawyers can assist you in filing a claim and achieving a favorable outcome if you were subjected to verbal sexual harassment.

Examples Of Verbal Sexual Harassment

People often think of sexually aggressive conduct and touch when they hear the word “sexual harassment,” but comments can also be considered sexual harassment. For example, if an employer or supervisor demands that an employee provide sexual services in exchange for a work advantage or promotion, or if a coworker persistently pressures someone for a date, this would almost certainly be considered sexual harassment. Sexual remarks about a person’s body, indecent noises, sexually explicit stories, and racy jokes might all be considered sexual harassment. Even if they don’t contain sexual desire, negative comments about a person’s sex are frequently regarded as sexual harassment. It’s critical to remember that sexual harassment does not just happen when men speak to or about women. Men and women may be both victims and offenders of sexual harassment. It’s good to understand the basics of sexual harassment

Elements Of A Lawsuit Arising Out of Verbal Sexual Harassment


In New York, there are numerous laws that protect employees from verbal sexual harassment, and in many situations, a victim of sexual harassment may be able to pursue claims under several statutes. Verbal sexual harassment, for example, is prohibited by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII), which covers employers with 15 or more workers. It’s also against the law in Texas under Penal Code Section 42.07, which refers to persistently texting or calling a coworker or making explicit sexual advances with the goal of “harassing, annoying, alarming, abusing, tormenting, or embarrassing” someone. It is a class B misdemeanor, punishable by imprisonment of up to 6 months and a fine of up to $2,000.

The documentation required to establish an employer’s liability is determined by the law that applies and the nature of the claim made. Quid pro quo sexual harassment, for example, occurs when an employer makes a choice about someone’s employment based on their willingness to have sex. For example, if a manager asks for sexual favors from a person and the individual refuses and is fired, it may be considered quid pro quo sexual harassment.

Hostile Work Environment 


When sexual remarks made at an employee are so harsh or persistent that they create a hostile environment that affects the employee’s terms of employment or ability to complete job duties, it constitutes sexual harassment under federal law. Although the elements of a hostile work environment sexual harassment claims differ by state and local legislation, which have more forgiving standards, the end result is always similar.

It’s impossible to demonstrate that verbal sexual harassment occurred when it’s only verbal. Eyewitness testimonies or testimony from other staff who were subjected to offensive sexual remarks by the defendant may provide proof of verbal sexual harassment. Any documentation of formal complaints made directly to the harasser or a superior or human resources representative may be incorporated into legal action.

Speak To A Dedicated Sexual Harassment Attorney In Texas


Verbal sexual harassment is any form of unwelcome and unsolicited verbal conduct that makes you feel uncomfortable or threatened. It may be limited to hurtful sexual remarks or propositions, as well as more severe behavior. Any person who is the target of workplace discrimination should contact a lawyer immediately if they are subjected to verbal sexual harassment.

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