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Sexual Harassment In The Retail Industry

The retail industry is a significant sector of the U.S. economy. Retail sales account for roughly two-thirds of the entire GDP in the United States. Working conditions in the retail sector, however, are frequently unsatisfactory and sometimes unbearable.

Harassment of any sort, whether it’s physical or verbal, is unfortunately widespread in the retail sector. Some retail employees endure abusive behavior at work because they are financially reliant on their employment and are unaware of their legal rights.

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Retail Workers And Store Employees Are At High Risk Of Sexual Harassment

Between 2005 and 2010, 13.3 per cent of sexual harassment claims filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) involved retail employees. Grocery stores, apparel shops, businesses, appliance stores, gas stations, and other retail outlets are all environments where gender-based or sex-related misconduct occurs frequently. On rare occasions, sexual misconduct takes the form of co-worker abuse. When offensive, sexually explicit, or derogatory remarks or conduct become so frequent or severe that they prevent employees from doing their tasks, a hostile workplace is created. Hostile work environment sexual harassment may include:

  • Displaying pornographic pictures or videos at work
  • Making comments about another worker’s body
  • Joking about sexually explicit topics
  • Rude comments or offensive generalizations about a gender
  • Slurs and hateful language
  • Unwanted sexual contact
  • Constantly asking a co-worker out on dates

Superiors in retail businesses may also use their power to obtain sexual favors by attempting to use their positions of authority to demand such things as kisses or massages. For example, a manager may suggest or directly state that a person’s career will improve if he or she agrees to romantic or intimate activities. This is known as “quid pro quo” sexual harassment. By federal and state legislation, both hostile work environment sexual abuse and quid pro quo harassment are prohibited.

It is also unlawful for an employer to take action against a worker who has reported sexual harassment. A retaliation claim may be made if, for example, a worker reports that his or her manager attempted to trade sexual contact for work benefits and the employee is fired as a result.

What To Do If You Were Sexually Harassed At A Retail Store  

Sexual harassment is a violation of the law and a mistake. If you experienced workplace sexual harassment or were retaliated against for reporting it, follow your employer’s sexual harassment policy to file a complaint. If your employer fails to correct the problem and prevent future harassment, you may need to file a claim with the EEOC or the Texas workforce commission civil rights division. In some situations, legal action in the form of a sexual harassment lawsuit is required. You might be eligible for compensation for missed earnings and other losses you incurred as a result of sexual harassment or retaliation, according to a sex discrimination lawsuit.

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