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Sexual Harassment In The Health Care Industry

We represent victims of sexual abuse in nursing homes, hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other health-related facilities on a regular basis.

We trust health care providers to look after our well-being, as well as that of our children and loved ones. We anticipate them to be places of healing rather than abuse. Sexual predators, on the other hand, target vulnerable adults and children seeking medical attention.

Please don’t be silent if you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted by a healthcare provider. Texas Personal Injury Lawyers can assist you in fighting back and ensuring that the offenders are held accountable. Call us at 877-214-3238 for a free case evalution.

Hospital, Nursing Home And Doctor Sexual Abuse

Patients entrust hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s offices, and other healthcare institutions to care for the sick.

Nursing Home Sexual Abuse

Unfortunately, sexual offenders target victims who are emotionally or physically weak and seeking healthcare. Our lawyers have vast expertise representing victims of sexual abuse filed against hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s offices, and other healthcare organizations, including those involving doctors who conduct sexual contact with patients.

Massage Therapist Sexual Abuse

Massage therapists have the potential to commit sexual assaults since they have such a close relationship with their clients. There are numerous incidents of massage therapists sexually abusing and assaulting people.

Although many well-known massage chains are aware of the danger of sexual assault by massage therapists, they do not take sufficient measures to safeguard consumers from abuse and assault.

Residential Facility Sexual Abuse

Residential facilities may house children in a variety of situations. Some children are admitted to behavioral or mental health programs, while others are incarcerated as juvenile offenders. Other children live in group homes if they don’t have other family or caregivers. Children should be secure in these settings.

Children in residential facilities are at risk of sexual abuse due to drug and alcohol problems, sexual difficulties, behavioral issues, psychiatric and mental health issues, and previous maltreatment or neglect.

Unfortunately, sexual predators target children in residential institutions. We’ve worked on situations involving residential treatment centers who have failed to safeguard kids from injury while they were on watch.

Drug Or Alcohol Rehab Sexual Abuse

Our lawyers have dealt with numerous cases against rehabilitation facilities that failed to safeguard addicts in recovery from sexual abuse and assault.

Psychiatric Treatment Facility Sexual Abuse

Psychiatric patients are among the most vulnerable groups in society. Many psychiatric patients are actual or former sexual abuse victims, and many of them are sexually assaulted or abused while in a psychiatric institution, such as a behavioral health unit or a psychiatric hospital.

People who are confined to mental hospitals are particularly vulnerable to sexual predators. It is the responsibility of psychiatric institutions to prevent such exploitation. State law often dictates how mental hospitals are expected to supervise patients, such as on a daily basis. These regulations are frequently violated.

Medical Professional Abuse / Sexual Misconduct

The medical profession is not immune to sexual abuse or misconduct, which can happen in any workplace. This maltreatment can be directed at coworkers or patients. Medical professionals, such as physicians and dentists, have a good reputation in society; and while most doctors are dedicated to their job, some misuse their position of authority by sexually harassing coworkers at work.

Others exploit the vulnerable position of those who need assistance and use the close physical contact that the job entails to sexually assault them. The conviction of prominent sports doctor Larry Nassar in January 2018 demonstrates that sexual abuse in the medical industry may go on for decades without being detected.

Sexual Harassment In The Medical Profession

When physicians treat their patients, they are entrusted with their health and well-being. Workers who are harassed by doctors, whether nurses or assistants, are distracted from the task of providing care to patients. Sexual misconduct may be expressed in a variety of ways:

  • Requests for unwanted dates
  • Unsolicited physical contact
  • Unsolicited nonverbal attention
  • Offensive sexual remarks
  • Sexual propositions
  • Physical assault

Employees who are subjected to this sort of sexual harassment should file a claim with their employer. The failure to investigate a complaint or keep track of and fix the problem may result in a hostile working environment that the employer is responsible for.

Quid Pro Quo vs. Hostile Work Environment

In legal terms, workplace sexual harassment is divided into two categories: quid pro quo and a hostile work environment. Quid pro quo literally translates to “something for something,” and in this instance, an employee is implicitly or explicitly forced to perform sexual acts or face adverse consequences at work. It might imply a demotion, firing, missing out on a promotion, or other bad employment consequence. The individual wanting the sexual favors must have the ability to influence the victim so that the victim feels they had no alternative but to comply. A superior or boss, for example, might be accused of quid pro quo sexual harassment, but not a coworker who has no authority to influence the victim’s employment prospects.

A hostile work environment occurs when the victim is subjected to unwelcome contact or touching, indecent language or conduct, or even the posting of offensive sexual materials such that their ability to do their job is hampered. In certain circumstances, a hostile work environment does not require physical contact and the target needn’t be the object of abuse, but may be anyone who is impacted by the offensive behavior.

Sexual Assault Of Patients

The majority of doctors, nurses, physician’s assistants, and health care aids are genuinely concerned about their patients’ healthcare, yet sexual misconduct has been reported in medical care settings like hospitals and nursing homes. It is critical that individuals who have been assaulted consult with an attorney to make sure that their attackers are punished and prevented from repeating the offense on other patients. While it may be difficult to bring a complaint against an abuser, many victims find that being able to shed the sense of powerlessness over their abuser is therapeutic.

Victims of sexual assault should file a claim as soon as possible to avoid losing their right to pursue compensation within the statute of limitations, which is different from state to state. If applicable, a rape kit and medical examination should be done in order to preserve evidence. Physical injuries should be treated immediately and support emotional healing through therapy.

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