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Police Excessive Force Lawyers

Police officers and their superiors are under a duty to defend and serve the people of their areas. While the majority of police personnel are good individuals dedicated to making their communities safer, some policemen sadly misuse their power and violate civil rights against citizens.

If you or someone you know has been subjected to excessive police force in Texas or has witnessed police misconduct, you should contact Texas Personal Injury Lawyers.

Our lawyers and legal team recognize how tough it is to bring a civil action against the police for any sort of police wrongdoing, and we will work closely with potential clients to assess the benefits and drawbacks of pursuing a civil case against the police. Filing a police abuse claim is unlike most other civil cases in that it necessitates navigating several unique legal protections and filing requirements.

Excessive Force Injuries

Excessive force may include any of the following actions that are considered unjust and illegal:

  • Punching
  • Kicking
  • Hitting
  • Improper use of pepper spray
  • Improper use of Taser
  • Improper use of restraints
  • Spitting
  • Racial slurs or epithets
  • Shooting
  • Death while in custody

Texas Personal Injury Lawyers may be able to assist you in taking legal action against the police or security officer who harmed you. We think that while the police must do their job to keep innocent people safe, they should not use excessive force when dealing with any sort of scenario. Excessive force may result in catastrophic injuries or even death. These individuals should be educated and must fully comprehend the amount of force that is required to control a dispute, make an arrest, or escort a customer from the premises. They should be held accountable for any unlawful actions they commit.

Excessive force is unlawful and should not be tolerated. Texas Personal Injury Lawyers work hard to reverse this situation by defending victims’ rights and representing them in personal injury claims. We represent clients throughout Texas, so get in touch with us now by calling (888) 997-2148.

Is It Possible That You Were The Victim Of Police Excessive Force In Texas?


If you have any queries or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our office. Our knowledgeable excessive force lawyer at Texas Personal Injury Lawyers can assist you. A lawyer may be a valuable weapon in the fight against cops and their Police departments when it comes to accountability for their behavior and conduct. We strive to obtain compensation for the mental anguish, physical hurt, and financial difficulties that excessive force has caused for you and your family.

We assess your financial, physical, and emotional needs and deal with situations swiftly and successfully so you can put this incident behind you. However, in cases where the officer or his/her employer refuses to correct a situation, we are dedicated to taking your case to court.

For a free consultation with an Excessive Force or Police Brutality Defense Attorney, call us at (888) 997-2148 now for you free consultation.

We take cases on a contingency fee basis and there are no costs unless we win, and the consultation is completely FREE. Contact us to learn what Texas Personal Injury Lawyers can accomplish for you.