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Pharmaceutical Litigation Lawyers

In 2016, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued more than 14,000 warning letters regarding possible serious adverse effects connected with legal medicines, according to the FDA. Dangerous drugs were involved in a significant number of these actions.

Because the FDA is a federal agency that both approves new drugs and acts as a protection for consumers, its officials frequently avoid acting against medicines they only recently characterized to be safe. As a result, by the time the agency issues an adverse verdict, the harmful drug has already done hundreds of people harm.

Worse, the FDA almost never issues Class III recalls alone, allowing dangerous drugs to remain on store shelves and enter the bloodstreams of unsuspecting patients. This is when the need for pharmaceutical litigation attorneys from Texas Personal Injury Lawyers becomes apparent.

To be direct, these cases are tough to win because the big pharmaceutical companies have almost limitless resources with which to combat them. However, our pharmacological lawyers at Texas Personal Injury Lawyers have their own outstanding resources.

We’re also dedicated to standing up for those who have been wronged, and we go after businesses that flippantly put money above people. If you or a loved one has been hurt by a hazardous drug in the state of Texas, your best option is to contact Texas Personal Injury Lawyers for a free case evaluation with one of our professional pharmaceutical lawyers.

Pharmaceutical Litigation Verdicts And Settlements

Identifying Defendants

Consider everyone in the distribution path of a pharmaceutical good from its origin to the patient, including all defendants:

  • The Manufacturer – Many prescription drug manufacturers are large business operations that reflect their enormous pharmaceutical market and the vast technological infrastructure they require to develop new medicines. They are prepared to pay big sums of money for a satisfactory and fair settlement for injuries, but they also hire high-priced attorneys to defend them against these claims. 
  • The Testing Laboratory – Before the substance reaches the market, it may have had faulty testing, and testing laboratories are frequent defendants.
  • The Pharmaceutical Salesman – Pharmaceutical businesses frequently employ independent sales agents to sell new drugs and advise healthcare providers on the advantages. Such representatives may be responsible for suggesting a medicine that harms patients.
  • The Physician – A doctor who authorizes the distribution of a potentially hazardous medication that causes damage may be held liable as part of the path of distribution of the injurious drug and for not warning consumers about hazardous side effects or instructing them on safe and appropriate usage.
  • The Hospital or Clinic – The manufacturer of a drug is legally responsible for all injuries suffered by patients who have taken it in the United States. In addition, if a hospital or clinic administers the medication, it becomes part of the patient’s distribution pathway from manufacturer to patient and may be held accountable for any damages.
  • The Pharmacy – Drug stores are frequently the endpoint in the distribution chain from drug manufacturer to patient. A pharmacist’s prescription for the use of a medication might be another basis for liability.

In a pharmaceutical product liability claim, you can sue a doctor or hospital for an injury caused by a drug in both medical malpractice and defective pharmaceutical product liability. There is no need to choose between claims. When the facts are proved, plaintiffs may bring all claims that the circumstances suggest would be supported by evidence.

Proof Of Facts For Pharmaceutical Product Liability


The pharmaceutical product liability plaintiff must establish three pieces of evidence in order to win:

  • Injury
  • Defective production or improper marketing of a dangerous drug
  • The defect or improper marketing as the cause of the injury

How Much Time To Sue For Pharmaceutical Product Liability?


This crucial issue is a question of state law. Every state has its own statute of limitations for pharmaceutical product liability claims, in Texas, that limit is 2 years from the date you discover your injury. The best strategy to ensure you take action in time is to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney who specializes in pharmaceutical product liability claims.

Class Action Lawsuits For Pharmaceutical Product Liability


In many cases, frequently utilized hazardous medications harm a large number of individuals. In such situations, injured claimants may be able to participate in class-action lawsuits.

New plaintiffs may be able to join a class action against a hazardous drug if one is already underway, including the potential to benefit from the award.

  • Law firms representing plaintiffs with prior multi-claimant experience and expertise against large corporate defendants
  • Little or no upfront cost
  • No personal need to study and comprehend complex legal issues

There is no obligation to join an ongoing class action. Each claimant may file a suit as an individual plaintiff, and doing so might be advantageous for injuries that aren’t typical of the majority of class action plaintiffs or for cases with particularly unique circumstances.

To discover whether any class action lawsuits have been filed against the drug involved in your accident and whether it would be worth joining, contact Texas Personal Injury lawyers. The first consultation is free.

In Any Event, Consult a Pharmaceutical Product Liability Attorney


Prescription medicines are like double-edged swords in that they are useful for treating medical conditions but may be extremely hazardous to those who are at risk of injury from the drugs’ side effects, as well as being potentially dangerous when producers cut corners to get them on the market quickly. Texas Personal Injury Lawyers can assist you with any illness or injury caused by any sort of prescription medication.

Texas Personal Injury Lawyers specializes in cases throughout the state of Texas involving injuries caused by prescription medication. Our clients receive the services of legal and engineering experts dedicated to achieving the best //results possible for them.

Texas Personal Injury Lawyers operate on a contingency basis. The contingency element of every one of our client’s legal fee agreements is that no legal fees will be paid until and unless the client receives money from a settlement or an award of damages to pay it. The fee is a percentage of the overall recovery less necessary expenditures. The client is not obligated if the case proves to be a loser and there is no recovery, and Texas Personal Injury Lawyers bears the entire loss.

There never has been, and there will never be, a more secure financial investment than a contingency fee agreement. The contingent fee has served as a great equalizer between rich and poor litigants who otherwise could not afford the expense of litigation to enforce their claims for compensation.

Is it necessary for a pharmaceutical product liability plaintiff to be represented and assisted by a personal injury attorney that is experienced in that field? In all circumstances, the answer is yes. There’s no replacement for an attorney’s guidance and support when you’ve got big, well-funded corporations like pharmaceutical manufacturers on your tail. Get answers to all of your questions about Texas Personal Injury Lawyers, their services, and how they can help you acquire fully and fairly compensated for all costs and damages in pharmaceutical cases. 

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