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Offshore Oil Rig Accident Lawyers

The ocean may be fatal for offshore oil workers, especially those operating on or traveling to an offshore oil rig or platform. You may seek compensation for your medical expenses and lost income if you have been hurt while working on or traveling to an offshore oil rig or platform. You may be able to obtain additional compensation if an accident is caused by the drilling or production operator’s negligence or another party.

Texas Oilfield Injury Lawyers has a staff of offshore drilling rig accident attorneys on standby who help people injured while working on rigs off the coast of oil platforms. Due to the fact that oil rig accidents are common, we are aggressively assertive in our approach, and we have the experience, expertise, and advocacy skills you need. You have precisely one chance to get the compensation you deserve as an offshore oil worker or traveler to an offshore platform who has been injured. Call us immediately for legal assistance.

What Causes Offshore Oil Rig Accidents?

  • Derricks, platforms, unprotected heights, slick steps, unsecured ladders, and hoists are all potential dangers.
  • Sparks from equipment that burn flammable liquids and create explosions.
  • Appendages caught in a machine
  • Blowouts, fires, and explosions are all examples that can cause offshore oil rig incidents.
  • Heavy equipment or cargo may crush you.
  • Equipment failing due to poor maintenance
  • Being struck by swinging cables, pipes, or casing

What Are My Oil Rig Injuries Rights If I’m Injured?


If you are hurt while working on an oil rig, keep in mind that you have the right to receive medical treatment from the doctor and hospital of your choosing. You also have the option of reporting your accident and seeking compensation or recompense. Furthermore, you are entitled to file a claim without fear of retaliation, such as termination or demotion.

You have the right to refuse to work until your doctor permits you to do so. You also have the right to seek compensation for your lost income, medical treatment, continuing care, and perhaps more if your employer or another party causes your injury. The legal team at Texas Personal Injury Lawyers fights for the rights of workers like you, and we are here to help. Above all, we work to ensure that you have the resources you require to recuperate and return to a meaningful existence.

Offshore Oil Rig Accidents: What They Are?


Texas Personal Injury Lawyers have years of expertise assisting offshore workers with legal issues. There are numerous possible accidents, due to the wide range of potential calamities on offshore rigs and oilfields, including fires, explosions, falls, vehicle accidents, and equipment failures.

  • Collision In Transit

Traffic accidents were the most common cause of death among oil and gas workers, according to a recent study. These fatalities are typically caused by equipment transportation or employee travel to distant work sites.

  • Fires And Explosions

We know how hazardous these locations can be as Texas offshore oil rig accident lawyers. Flammable gases and vapors are used on both land and sea sites making fires and explosions common on offshore oil platforms. These may flare up for a variety of causes.

  • Hot surfaces
  • Open flames
  • Static
  • Friction heat
  • Lit cigarettes

Finally, these explosions and fires are frequently the consequence of a high-pressure line bursting or dripping. It is your employer’s responsibility to maintain a safe working environment as an offshore worker. When they do not, contact Texas Personal Injury Lawyers.

  • Ergonomic Hazards At The Worksite

Whether you work on an offshore rig or in the oilfield, you spend a lot of time moving. The strain of repeated displacement may be extremely tiring.

  • Bending
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Pulling
  • Pushing
  • Reaching overhead
  • Twisting

Tempur-Pedic mattresses are susceptible to these motions, which can result in serious damage, especially if you must work while recuperating.

  • Equipment Hazards

Drilling rigs located offshore require a large number of heavy machinery. These locations frequently need employees to operate around a wide range of equipment, including derricks, rotating wellhead equipment, cables, pipes, and high-pressure lines. When managers flout safety standards, workers can get themselves into serious difficulties.

Regulations are designed to keep you safe when you’re struck by, caught in the centre of, or trapped between hefty equipment. When your employer disregards your safety, you have the legal right to claim compensation. For a free case evaluation, contact Texas Personal Injury Lawyers.

  • Falls And Slipping

Workers on offshore oil rigs are frequently required to operate on high surfaces. These surfaces are frequently slippery, resulting in significant injuries or even death. To guarantee the safety of offshore personnel, fall prevention equipment should be in place. Unfortunately, many of these workers are injured due to slippery surfaces on the job site.

Oil Rig Accident Attorneys And Oil Rig Explosions


An offshore oil rig explosion is the most severe type of oil rig accident. Such explosions have caused some of history’s worst maritime disasters. Furthermore, there have been hundreds of little blasts throughout history that inflicted significant agony on roughnecks and offshore oil workers.

Unfortunately, the reality is that these explosions are frequently prompted by corporations encouraging their personnel to remain loyal to the firm. As a result, few persons who have been injured in an oil rig accident will seek legal assistance from us.

However, you should never be more loyal to a business than to your own health and the health of your coworkers. In the past, maritime firms have given workers on-site in order to incorrectly diagnose their problems. As a result, they neglected their duty and liability to their employees.

It’s critical that you understand your rights and hold those who caused your injuries accountable. You have the right to compensation when someone else’s negligence results in injury and anguish.

Call our oil rig accident attorneys at Texas Personal Injury Lawyers immediately to learn more about your circumstances.

As Texas offshore oil rig accident lawyers, we realize the challenges you face as an injured offshore worker in Texas. However, as your advocate, we will fight tirelessly to safeguard your best interests.

For example, when your employer subscribes to the workers’ compensation program in Texas, you have the option to file a claim. This claim may help to cover medical benefits as well as lost wages. Potentially, these benefits could cover any medical expenses related to your work injury.

However, if the party at fault is not an employer or coworker, you may be able to file a personal injury claim against them. Because they might cover expenses for your pain and suffering, personal injury claims have the potential for additional compensation.

Furthermore, the sad fact is that many oil and gas companies do not participate in the workers’ compensation system in Texas. If this is the case, you have the option of pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. To assist offshore employees to understand their alternatives, Texas Personal Injury Lawyers provide free case evaluations.

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Have you been burned, lost a limb, fractured your skull, or suffered another offshore accident? Our personal injury attorneys can assist you in understanding your rights. When you are injured on an oil rig offshore, our firm works for your interests.

When an accident injured an oil offshore worker, it does more than just physical damage. Our personal injury attorneys help us secure workers’ compensation that reflects the continuing financial losses incurred by our clients as a result of their injuries.

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