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Nurse Malpractice Lawyers

Nurses are in charge of the majority of a patient’s day-to-day care, monitoring their well-being, and accurately reporting information about their condition to the treating physician. Although many nurses are conscientious and take great care in executing these responsibilities, this isn’t always the case, and the consequences for patients and their families can be devastating.

Even though it is possible to hold nurses, doctors, and surgeons accountable for their poor care, achieving this goal without the aid of a medical malpractice lawyer who is well-versed in laws and procedures governing health care is difficult. If you were hurt as a result of a nurse’s negligence, please contact Texas Personal Injury Lawyers right away for a free consultation to discuss your options for obtaining compensation for your losses.

Liable Parties In A Nurse Malpractice Case

Liability for nursing malpractice is determined on a case-by-case basis. A nurse who committed a violation of company policy while caring for a patient at a hospital, for example, could probably be held liable immediately. The physician and perhaps even the hospital or medical facility might be held responsible to a certain degree if the negligent act was carried out under their supervision or direct orders. It’s difficult to figure out who is ultimately responsible for nursing negligence since most claims include numerous healthcare providers, making it especially critical for injured patients to consult with a nursing malpractice lawyer before continuing with their claims.

How Our Nursing Malpractice Lawyers Establish Liability 

It might be difficult for a nurse to prove that she or he did not follow the required standard of care, but having a nursing malpractice lawyer on your side makes things much easier for patients. Reviewing patient files and combing through a clinic’s or hospital’s policies and procedures to build your case may be worn on patients who have been treated by a nurse. If you wish to proceed forward with a personal injury claim, you must first show how the damage has harmed you and what financial or legal compensation is appropriate. This is when working with a nursing malpractice lawyer becomes important to your case. You don’t want to give up the opportunity for justice because you weren’t able to find an advocate on your own.

It’s important to concentrate on your recovery, as well as your health and happiness. Allow Texas Personal Injury Lawyers to fight for you. We have significant experience litigating medical malpractice claims and obtaining compensation for clients harmed by nursing negligence.

Nursing Responsibilities And Malpractice

Nurses are obligated to provide medical treatment to patients. When nurses are careless, people suffer as a result. There are unfortunately several ways for healthcare professionals to err in the course of their duties.

Examples of nursing malpractice include:

  • Failure to communicate. This might be due to a lack of communication between the nurse and doctors about the patient’s condition, resulting in faulty treatment plans for the patient. This could also be caused by a failure on the part of the nurse to effectively communicate with the patient.
  • Failure to appropriately examine and observe a patient. Nurses are frequently tasked with examining a patient and recording observations about their health and passing this information to physicians. If a nurse does not give the patient an examination that is adequate in duration or intensity, or if he or she fails to notice any new symptoms and signs, the patient’s record will be incomplete.
  • Failure to accurately notate patient records. It’s critical for patients to have adequate records of medical treatment. There may be significant consequences if a nurse fails to document therapy given or fails to record something that was not administered. Improper medical treatment can result from inaccurate medical recordkeeping on a patient’s health, vital signs, pain level, or medication.
  • Failure to administer medication, treatment, or adhere to established protocols. Nurses must be diligent in administering treatment to patients according to the instructions of a medical expert.
  • Administering incorrect medication or improper doses of medication to a patient. Medication mistakes can have significant consequences for patients.
  • Improper or incorrect use of medical equipment. Nurses must be able to utilize medical equipment on patients correctly during treatment. All medical experts require adequate training in the operation of medical equipment and need to follow usage safety rules.

If you have been the victim of nursing malpractice, you should contact Texas Personal Injury Lawyers right away to begin your claim. We can negotiate settlements, pursue resolution, or go to court on your behalf. You don’t have to fight alone against nursing negligence.

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