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Jail Injury Lawyer

When a person is incarcerated, they lose their freedom of movement but not their constitutional right to be free from excessive or cruel punishment. A detainee retains the right to avoid excessive force and sexual assault, as well as access to medical care for critical health issues.

This implies that prisoners are not maltreated or neglected. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens too often. Every day across the country, inmates are physically and sexually assaulted by guards who are supposed to keep them safe. Inmates repeatedly go without receiving the medical treatment that they clearly require. This must come to an end.

Give us a call if you or someone close to you was hurt while incarcerated. You may be eligible for compensation, and we want to fight for you.

Examples Of Jail Injury Case Claims:

  • Correction Officer Abuse, Neglect, And Assault

The Eighth Amendment in the US Constitution forbids “cruel and unusual punishment.” As a prisoner in the Texas state correctional system, you are entitled to proper medical treatment as well as a safe and healthy environment. If you or someone you know has been beaten, abused, and injured by a prison guard, this is a violation of your rights as both a person and a prisoner. You have a reasonable expectation that the personnel assigned to assist you will not maltreat you, deny you medical care, or act unfairly. If you’ve been assaulted or abused in a Texas correctional facility, please contact our office for a free consultation immediately: (888) 997-2148.

  • Delay In Or Complete Failure To Provide Medical Care

In jail, you retain your right to timely medical attention if you have been hurt, have a pre-existing condition, or are otherwise unwell. If you’re seeking medical treatment while incarcerated and it’s been denied or delayed, you might have a jail personal injury or medical malpractice claim.

According to a recent study by the National Institutes of Justice, prison health worries are typically more pressing, with the age of 50 defined as “old” in prison because “the stress of staying safe behind bars, personal financial issues, drug or alcohol withdrawal, and a history of bad health care can all speed up the aging process for offenders.” Health concerns might occasionally get worse in jail if not addressed promptly and appropriately.

If your loved one was prevented from receiving crucial and life-saving medication, leading to his or her death or serious injury, you may have a prison personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. In situations like these, it is critical to retain the services of an experienced legal firm. Texas Personal Injury Lawyers never charges for an initial consultation, so contact us now at (888) 997-2148.

  • Deprivation Of Medication, Nourishment, And Water

Inmates in federal and state institutions are entitled to medicine, food, and water. Furthermore, if your religion or medical condition necessitate special food or drink allowances, prisons must give you with acceptable meals and beverages. Please contact our experienced prison accident attorneys at (888) 997-2148 immediately if you or someone you know has been denied necessary medicines, food, or water.

  • Solitary Confinement

Data suggests that lengthy-term solitary confinement has a detrimental impact on the mental and psychological health. If you’ve spent extensive amounts of time in solitary confinement in addition to other types of “cruel and unusual punishment,” you might be entitled to compensation. For a no-obligation and free consultation, contact Texas Personal Injury Lawyers now at (888) 997-2148.

Correction Officer-Related Issues: 

Abuse, Issues Stemming From Under-Staffing, Sexual Relationships

Prisons rely on prison correctional officers to look after and defend the incarcerated. In recent years, budget constraints have caused prisons to hire less people than necessary. With more offenders per officer, volatile fights, altercations, and assaults are more likely because the ratio of prisoners to correction officers has increased. Even if there are enough corrections personnel, bad training or any other reason may result in correction officer-led abuse to inmates.

If you or someone you know has been assaulted, abused, or maltreated by prison guards as a prisoner, you may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit. If you’ve been harassed, targeted, or sexually pursued by a correctional officer and believe it’s because of your race, gender identity/expression, age group (e.g., teens you may file a lawsuit too. Harassment could also take the form of your confidential medical history being revealed. We can assist you. Please contact Texas Personal Injury Lawyers now for a free consultation; our attorneys will provide legal counsel that has been refined through many years of practice: (888) 997-2148.

A Loved One Recently Died In Jail As A Result Of An Infection 

He Requested For Medical Care On Several Occasions, But Was Refused. 

What Can We Do To Assist?

You might be able to file a lawsuit and seek compensation. By law, jails and prisons are required to meet their inmates’ medical needs. It is unconstitutional for a prison to do so if it causes bodily harm or death, and the jail may be held accountable and ordered to pay damages when this occurs.

How Much Time Do I Have To File A Claim?

Each state has its own laws that set a time limit for bringing a personal injury claim, and these periods apply to jail cases as well. However, if the victim is still in custody, there are additional regulations that must be followed before a lawsuit may be filed, and those time limits are frequently quite short. Immediately file a complaint and seek legal counsel.

I Was Assaulted By A Prison Officer Because I Made Him Enraged. My Bones Were Fractured As A Result Of The Beating. Is There Any Way I Can Make A Claim?

Yes, you may have a case. When a guard uses excessive or needless physical force and causes harm, the jail or prison should be held liable. For a free case analysis, contact us now at (888) 997-2148.

We Are Here To Help You In Your Time Of Need

The mission of Texas Personal Injury Lawyers was established to assist individuals who have been injured as a result of another person’s carelessness and ineptitude. We are here to assist you if you have been unjustly imprisoned. If you have been mistreated by a Texas Police officer or a correctional officer, we are here to help.

We are here to assist if you were subjected to cruel and unusual punishment in the form of denied medical treatment, medication, food, water, mistreatment, intimidation, or any other civil rights violation while under the care of the Texas Correctional System.

Our jail injury attorneys at Texas Personal Injury Lawyers will never charge you for an initial consultation, and the vast majority of our jail injury claims are handled on a contingency basis, which means you pay nothing until we win and earn a compensation for you. 

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