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Head On Crash

Head-on crashes frequently result in severe, hard injuries — fractured bones, brain damage, neck injuries, and so on. Even a head-on collision with whiplash can result in thousands of dollars in economic losses that might require the services of a personal injury attorney to ensure that the greatest possible settlement is received.

The typical cash settlement for head-on accidents is greater than that for a soft tissue injury claim. These cases are generally best suited to the care of an experienced personal injury attorney. An accident lawyer can look at recent head-on collision settlements and rewards from other nearby claimants to help you determine if your hard claim is more or less valued than theirs. This will give you a good idea of what your head-on collision settlement amount could look like in real dollars.

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What Causes Head-On Car Accidents?

A head-on crashes usually has particular circumstances. Because both drivers usually have a good perspective of the road ahead of them, most automobile accidents aren’t head-on. The most prevalent causes of head-on collisions are:

Drunk Driving: 

DUIs result in a slew of deadly head-on collisions. A drunk driver has clouded judgment and reaction times, possibly falling asleep behind the wheel. In nearly all circumstances, legally intoxicated drivers are held accountable for vehicle accidents they are involved in.

Unsafe Passing: 

Two-way roads in rural areas necessitate passing cars to move into the adjacent traffic lane to pass a slower vehicle. If the passing motorist miscalculates the length or does not see the approaching driver, a deadly head-on collision may occur.

Wrong-way Driving: 

At least one fatal car accident occurs each day when a confused or inebriated driver takes the wrong way down a highway or one-way street.

Cell Phones: 

Talking or texting on a cell phone while driving can distract a driver enough to cause a deadly head-on collision.

Drowsy Driving: 

Tractor-trailer drivers are notorious for falling asleep behind the wheel and causing head-on collisions with smaller vehicles.

Poor Road Conditions: 

An automobile may slide or hydroplane into oncoming traffic as a result of wet or snowy weather. A driver’s swerve to avoid a pothole or debris on the road, for example, might lead to head-on collisions.

In many of these situations, the cause of the accident is obvious. However, proving fault in a court of law may be difficult in light of the numerous variables involved in automobile accidents.

Steps To Take After A Head On Crash


Despite your best efforts, you may be involved in a vehicle accident from time to time. When this happens, you should understand the actions to take to safeguard yourself, prepare for a car accident claim, and get ready for a head-on crash settlement negotiation. Here are the actions you must take:

Get Medical Attention

Call 911 if you require medical care as a result of a personal injury. After an accident, your health and well-being are typically the first things to consider. So, put them on top of your list.

Avoid saying things like, “I’m fine,” or, “I don’t require medical care.” If you have injuries that aren’t obvious at the scene of the accident, this may be used against you later. Following an accident, your body is flooded with adrenaline, which can mask pain.

Furthermore, injuries such as sprains, bruising, chronic discomfort, and PTSD can appear hours or days after your vehicle accident. Even if you believe you’re OK, go to the hospital or doctor’s office for a check-up.

If you are too damaged to gather proof and manage the remaining procedures, consider requesting assistance from a vehicle accident lawyer. A lawyer can conduct the necessary inquiries and obtain documentation provided by insurance carriers, emergency responders, and witnesses.

Move To A Safe Place

If you have the ability, switch off your automobile’s engine and exit the vehicle. Fuel leaking after an accident might be worrisome, so it’s best to keep your car turned off and move away from the collision location as quickly as possible.

Call The Police

Even in minor incidents, some insurance companies demand a police report to file a claim after an accident. Even when state laws or insurance companies don’t require one, it may be used as powerful documentary evidence to support your case later. It’s not unusual for someone to modify their narrative following an accident, and having a government-vetted employee write an official record of the accident details may be critical if this happens. So, call the cops or make a report as soon as possible.

Exchange Insurance Company Information

If another vehicle was involved in the accident, provide any relevant information, such as:

  • Names
  • Contact information
  • Auto insurance company and policy number
  • Driver’s license number and license plate number

Notify the cops, fire department, and taxi drivers. If possible, capture photographs of both vehicles involved in the accident. It may be helpful to note down the accident location as well as the vehicle make, model, and color.

Call Your Insurance Company Agent

In the event of an accident, most insurance companies will assist you. Make sure to contact your representative and follow the necessary procedures to file a claim.

If you’re worried about any documents your insurance company wants you to sign, seek legal counsel first. Remember that taking things slow is the greatest way to go. If you sign or agree to anything before consulting a lawyer, it can be used against you later.

Take Photos And Talk To Others

Take photographs of the incident while it is still fresh in your memory. This may assist you in proving vehicle damage and demonstrating how the collision occurred. In addition, contact any eye-witnesses and request their phone numbers. A witness can help your accident lawyer establish his case if you go to court.

Following these recommendations will help you maximize your compensation after an automobile accident. It’s difficult to stay cool and unaffected after a severe incident. If at all possible, enlist the assistance of a loved one or a qualified personal injury lawyer to guide you through this period. This person may help you with these phases.

What should I expect After A head On Collision?


A head-on collision is one of the most severe sorts of automobile collisions. If you are hurt in a head-on accident, you may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

Cases involving a vehicle crashing into another are often simpler to argue than others. This is because physical evidence is frequently plentiful in these instances. Attorneys can examine brake speeds, skid marks, black box data, and other factors to determine who was at fault for the accident. Accidents of this sort are generally straightforward to describe and explain in court. As a result, most head-on collision claims are resolved before they go to trial.

What’s the Average Head On Collision Settlement?


According to legal reports, the typical head-on collision settlement is $30,000. However, this figure is deceptive. Back sprains were involved in roughly 25% of the cases investigated in this study. Minor parking lot accidents might have been included in the analysis.

A majority of head-on vehicle accidents result in significant injury or death, and a decent settlement might be six or seven figures if there is adequate insurance coverage. Because trucking firms must possess up to $1 million in liability coverage in the event of a head-on collision, these collisions frequently result in large payouts. The majority of head-on injuries necessitate surgery, which almost always raises the case value.

The vast majority of these catastrophic accident claims fall through before going to court. Unfortunately, the absence of insurance coverage is the only thing holding back the settlement value in some of these accidents. If the at-fault driver is covered by a standard auto insurance policy, bodily injury coverage may be as little as $25,000 or $50,000.

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