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Today, there are over 1.7 million individuals in the United States who suffer from limb loss. Due to complications related to natural diseases, such as diabetes, many amputations are required. However, numerous additional amputations occur as a result of severe accidents that take place at work or in motor vehicle collisions or other unforeseen events. The deaths of loved ones, particularly their loss in a traumatic accident, can wreak havoc on families’ lives and cause financial and emotional suffering that makes recovery all the more difficult.

If you’ve had an amputation as a consequence of an accident in Texas, our serious injury attorneys at Texas Personal Injury Lawyers want to assist you. Our staff of lawyers is knowledgeable about the challenges you and your family will face during the weeks, months, and years following your significant accident and is ready to fight for you.

Why Removal Of Limbs May Be Necessary After A Serious Accident

Surgeons may need to amputate a diseased or damaged bodily part for a variety of reasons. The body part is removed owing to trauma following an automobile accident in some circumstances. Diabetes and peripheral artery disease, for example, are medical problems that can lead to this situation.

Patients may develop frostbite, neuromas (nerve tissue thickening), cancerous growths, or severe infections as a result of the treatment. If therapy is ineffective, doctors may opt for amputation in certain circumstances. If the victim has a deadly condition that needs to be treated immediately.

Amputating any body part might have a long-term impact and cause significant harm to the victim’s life. The loss of a limb may limit their job prospects, restrict their abilities, and necessitate assistance at home and at work.

Accident victims are frequently left with a financial burden that includes several surgical procedures, years of rehabilitation and therapy, as well as the need for a prosthetic limb. Adaptations are necessary to the victim’s vehicle or home in order to accommodate their restricted mobility.

Hiring An Injury Lawyer May Be Required To Collect The Compensation You Are Entitled To Following A Catastrophic Accident


Aside from the physical and financial burden of losing a limb, survivors must also deal with continuing financial challenges following limb loss. The patient’s expenses might be exhaustive, and lifelong expenditure connected with their damage may put the family’s future in jeopardy.

An amputation injury attorney may be useful to a person who has been harmed as a result of someone else’s carelessness. If your injuries are the consequence of another person’s negligence, you might be eligible for compensation.

A personal injury attorney can file a claim for compensation to cover certain compensatory damages such as medical expenses and future medical treatment. Limb loss injuries are responsible for specific damages.

Home and Vehicle Remodeling 

– If you suffer an injury that causes you to be in a wheelchair, your house, workplace, or place of business may require modifications. The building may need wider entrances and doors, or it might necessitate lifts and ramps.

You might need to lower your kitchen and bathroom worktops. Some amputees even dress their automobile, truck, or van with hand and lift controls.

Using Prosthetics 

– Prosthetic limbs are extremely expensive. Artificial legs and arms can cost more than $50,000 each. Unfortunately, you will almost certainly need to buy additional prosthetics in the future.

The doctor will fit you with a temporary artificial prosthetic that might function well while the swelling goes down and your limb continues to heal over the following weeks. In some cases, after a vehicle or motorcycle accident, you will require your current temporary prosthetic to be replaced with a more permanent artificial limb.

Temporary prostheses can last anywhere from five to ten years, depending on usage. Although most private insurance carriers will not pay for prosthetic components, they may be eligible for prosthetic device assistance programs.

Ongoing Therapy 

– Most individuals who suffer a serious injury will require many years of intensive rehabilitation, physical, mental, and occupational treatment. These procedures may be involved in their therapy.

Exercise routines 

– will help you increase your endurance, improve coordination, and enhance balance.

Stretching exercises 

– aims to improve the victim’s mobility and prevent contractures from developing, which are caused by connective tissue tightening and restricting joint motion.

Pain management 

– is intended to enhance pain-relieving drugs’ efficacy. To improve their sense of touch, the victim might undergo light electrical skin stimulation, desensitization treatment, and biofeedback therapy.

Movement therapy 

– to help people with mobility challenges learn how to operate their own devices, including walkers and wheelchairs.

Prosthesis training 

– will aid to maximize the prosthetic device’s usefulness. Many people face the torturous task of learning how to use hand or foot prosthetic devices after an amputation. They must retrain themselves to consciously

Relearn how to drive 

– in a vehicle equipped with hand controls.

What Is My Case Worth?

In your case, the facts and evidence surrounding your compensation claim are unusual. However, a Texas personal injury lawyer working on your behalf can guarantee that you receive the highest possible financial compensation since another’s negligence resulted in your significant injuries.

It’s crucial to consult with a qualified attorney before submitting an insurance claim. Many insurance companies use tried-and-true strategies and settlement procedures to encourage claims adjusters to settle claims, lowering the payout as quickly as possible.

Your personal injury attorney can file a case for compensation based on realistic techniques that will help you obtain all of the compensation available to settle your claim.

Typically, after the accident, the claims adjuster will contact the victim to develop rapport and establish a level of trust before offering a lowball settlement. Do not be taken in by this.

The Types of Compensation You Could Recover From An Amputation Accident In Texas


Texas law allows amputation victims to seek compensation in a variety of ways. The sort and amount will vary based on the circumstances surrounding the accident and how it impacted the plaintiff.

The majority of the time, these injuries result in tangible or intangible losses. The legal term for this is economic damages. This payment reimburses amputation patients for out-of-pocket expenses such as medical expenditures.

On the other hand, intangible damages are not recognized by law as non-economic losses. These compensate victims for the loss of quality of life occasioned by the accident. They each may have a significant role in recovery.

Here are some examples of forms of monetary and non-monetary remuneration.

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