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Construction Accident Lawyers

Construction accidents are usually the result of carelessness, negligence, and avoidable mistakes. When these events occur, people can be injured or die. Construction accident victims might suffer significant losses but do not have to accept those outcomes in isolation.

You’ll need an experienced Texas construction accident lawyer if you were hurt at a construction site and don’t want to lose your rights to fair compensation. Construction accidents can often be catastrophic, as our construction accident lawyers are aware. Your life may change in ways you never thought possible while medical bills start to accumulate and you try to recuperate. In many situations, workers’ compensation isn’t enough on its own.

Texas Personal Injury Lawyers is ready to assist you. You may contact us at any time to learn more about your options for obtaining appropriate compensation. Our construction accident attorneys will analyze your situation for free, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discover more.

How Do Construction Accidents Happen?

Construction sites are dangerous and hazardous places, with machinery constantly in motion and elevations that might cause suffocation. Construction accidents generally include the following items:(source: CDC):

This is how frequently each of these construction accidents occurs, and what kinds of mistakes might lead to them. (source for all data below: CDC).



The majority of construction worker fatalities are caused by falls, which account for more than a third of all deaths. In many situations, these falls are caused by the lack of wear safety equipment and equipment failures. The most common causes of injury while working on roofs or scaffolding include falls from heights, ladders, and other elevated platforms. The same-level falls, including trips, slips, and falls, are also significant threats.

Struck-By Incidents


According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), striking events have increased in frequency in recent years. These incidents cause more than 1 in 7 construction site deaths.



7 percent of all construction worker deaths each year are caused by direct or indirect contact with a live current. More than 6 in 10 workplace electrocutions happen on construction sites.

Although many of these construction electrocutions are the result of coming into touch with overhead or underground power lines, other cases are caused by contractors’ misuse of extension cords and improper usage of temporary lighting at construction sites.



Entrapments, which result in approximately 5% of construction worker deaths, are on the rise. Backovers, collapses, crushing events, and entanglements are among these occurrences.

Construction Accidents & Injuries: Other Factors


Aside from the four aforementioned killers, there are a variety of other elements that may cause death on the job. These factors (and they aren’t limited to) include:

  • Hazardous substances
  • Faulty equipment
  • Safety violations
  • Worker fatigue or impairment
  • Failures to train
  • Failures to provide legally required safety protections

At Texas Personal Injury Lawyers, we can assist victims of any sort of construction accident in obtaining justice. We represent individuals just like you in all sorts of construction accident situations, and we’ll work tirelessly to obtain compensation when it’s deserved.

Getting Justice for Construction Accident Injuries

Construction sites are high-risk environments, as you are no doubt aware. When you combine huge machinery, working heights, and thousands of pounds of materials, there’s a good chance something terrible will happen. You should have a construction site manager and firm who are doing everything possible to reduce the danger of injuries by following safety measures, using protective gear, and controlling other risk elements.

Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, no one has been able to totally control the hazard of injury on site. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are still over 150,000 construction-related injuries each year. Obviously, not all of these will be serious injuries, but some will. It’s still a good idea to seek help even if you’ve only suffered minor damage. To find out more about general workplace accidents and associated legal issues, visit our workplace accident lawyer section of this website. 

So, it’s time to contact a lawyer. A professional construction accident attorney can assist you in obtaining the compensation you deserve. Reach out to a local legal practice or a lawyer who specializes in this area for a consultation. It’s worth noting that all excellent law firms will almost certainly provide you with a free consultation before charging you anything. 

As a result of this, you have the option to interview as many attorneys as you like before making your selection. Make sure you pick a lawyer you can trust since you want them to walk you through the procedure and get you as much money as possible.

Construction Site Accident Compensation


The vast majority of businesses are required by law to have workers’ compensation coverage to cover their staff if they are injured on the job. In theory, workers’ comp would cover all accidents and injuries, even those caused by the employee, unless drugs or alcohol were involved. However, because insurance companies don’t want to lose money, adjusters are frequently taught methods to reject real claims.

All it takes is a simple mistake on a workers’ compensation claim form to result in an outright rejection. While an appeal may be filed, the appeals process might take months.

An experienced attorney can assist you in obtaining your workers’ comp claim compensated as soon as feasible, regardless of whether you are filing an initial claim or just beginning the appeals procedure.

Workers’ compensation, on the other hand, does not cover the cost of medical treatment or a percentage of lost wages; therefore, even if the claim is quickly approved and the maximum amount paid out, it usually isn’t enough. As a result, a construction accident lawsuit should be explored.

Gathering Evidence For A Lawsuit To Demonstrate Negligence


When you’re hurt at work, you’ll generally need some evidence to back up your claim that your employer was negligent in some way. They have a duty of care to make sure their workers are safe, so if these weren’t followed, you may be able to establish negligence and seek for greater compensation. Aside from your medical records, logbooks, incident reports, witness statements, and photographic or video evidence from the scene can all assist you in establishing negligence and winning your case.

In Or Out Of Court?


You’re probably expecting something to happen after this. However, according to data from the US government, just 5% of all injury claims go to trial. It’s more probable that your lawyer will attempt to negotiate an out-of-court settlement first. To do so, they’ll arrange all of the compensation you are owed directly with the construction company’s lawyer and then agree on a final price. Of course, you get to decide whether or not you’re satisfied with the damages proposed to you.

All you need is a competent lawyer defending your interests. They are professionals in their field, which means they understand how the system works and how to get you the most compensation feasible. We hope you contact Texas Personal Injury Lawyers at (888) 997-2148 to defend you in your construction accident case.

Is It Legal For Me To Sue My Employer?


In most situations, you won’t be able to sue your employer for a construction accident. This is because workers’ compensation not only protects the employees, but it also protects the employer from being sued by its employees.

Who Is To Blame If I Get Injured On My Construction Site?


In some situations, the negligent party is obvious right from the start. If a contractor fails to erect scaffolding properly and that scaffolding collapses, it’s clear to everyone that he or she failed to provide a secure work environment for workers.

Construction accidents are common occurrences, and it can be difficult to figure out who is at blame. Because of this, many construction workers are unaware that they have the option to file a construction accident lawsuit. That’s why it’s essential to get a lawyer after every construction accident.

Should You Get The Help of a Construction Site Accident Attorney?


After a construction site accident, obtaining financial compensation is a time-consuming and complicated process that is easy for people who are unfamiliar with it to make mistakes that could prevent them from receiving any money. Construction-related accidents are some of the most severe injuries that can be incurred, and having to worry about properly asserting one’s legal rights while managing one’s health and rehabilitation is frequently too much for most individuals.

At Texas Personal Injury Lawyers, we will assist you in obtaining compensation for the damages they caused to your body and in beginning the healing process by holding those responsible for your injuries accountable.

Texas Personal Injury Lawyers – Prepared To Fight For Your Rights 

Pursuing a construction accident lawsuit might seem like an extreme measure, but it may be the best way to receive the full compensation you are owed.

A lawsuit is filed against the party or parties who caused your injuries in a construction accident. This might include any of the following: a maker of defective equipment, a contractor who created an unsafe workplace environment on the job site, an architect or engineer, or even the owner of the property. In some circumstances, there may be numerous defendants.

A settlement or award can cover all of your past and future losses in a single lump sum. Although it may take longer to receive compensation through a lawsuit, a settlement or award may fully compensate you for all of your past and projected future losses.

What Does a Construction Site Accident Lawyer Do?

The objective of a construction site accident lawyer is straightforward: to assist people who have been hurt as a result of unsafe construction site circumstances or other negligent contractors in obtaining financial compensation (also called “damages”) following an accident. Your personal injury attorney will:

  • Receive a prospective client’s account of injuries he or she incurred in a construction site accident. The attorney will ask basic questions such as “What happened?” and “Who was responsible for what went wrong?” This meeting is meant to provide the client with an overview of their legal situation, in order to determine if he or she has a viable claim for compensation. Although the attorney has little information or evidence at this time, he should be able to say whether the client’s narrative as stated suggests that he or she is eligible for compensation.
  • Investigate what occurred and come up with a conclusion.The attorney will start making calls to potential witnesses who may have seen the construction site collision and review documents relating to the construction site’s operations (in addition to local or national coverage if the accident was reported). The lawyer is trying to figure out how much of the client’s tale can be verified and who or what is to blame for the injuries. If the client’s account cannot be proven in court, his or her claim for compensation will be weak.The attorney does not need to gather “beyond a reasonable doubt” proof of what occurred – instead, he or she only needs to convince a judge and/or jury that the client’s version is more likely than not.
  • File a claim for compensation against the party who caused the accident. After a claim is filed, the parties have the option of reaching a settlement before trial (with the client’s consent) or going to court to dispute it.At this stage, the attorney’s task (assuming a settlement agreement cannot be reached) is to tell the client’s tale in a compelling and convincing way by presenting the facts and witnesses he or she discovered during his or her inquiry.The attorney must be able to persuade the court or jury in a case that his or her client’s tale is likely true and that their injuries were caused by a construction worker’s or business’s negligent behavior based on the testimony of witnesses and evidence such as accident reports.
  • Seek compensation on behalf of the client. If it is proved that the client’s injuries were caused by someone on the construction site’s negligence or recklessness, that person may be held liable for the damages, financial losses, and pain and suffering caused by his or her actions. The lawyer will have previously spoken with the client to determine the proper amount of financial compensation to seek, and he or she will be ready to present this figure to the court for its consideration.

At Texas Personal Injury Lawyers, We Fight For The Victims Of Construction Accident


When a construction site accident occurs, most people think that their choices are limited to the workers’ compensation plan. That is not always the case. There are many different firms and subcontractors on the site at any one moment in the construction business.

In most instances, the third party responsible for the victim’s injuries is someone other than his or her employer. It is perfectly acceptable under both plans for a victim to pursue compensation under both laws: workers’ compensation and the third-party liability claim.

Our accident lawyers handle all phases of the legal process to ensure that your rights are protected. We will work with you and your attorney to gather evidence, establish fault, negotiate compensation and make arrangements for payment of medical bills or funeral expenses as quickly as possible. Our accident attorneys have recovered millions of dollars in settlements for clients.

You have the legal right to financial recovery, no matter how your construction accident occurred. We represent individuals who have been injured in a variety of building-related incidents. We will always thoroughly investigate your scenario and provide you with all viable legal alternatives to seek compensation.

Construction accidents can lead to the loss or alteration of evidence over time. Witnesses may forget details and become unapproachable. Insurance companies will do everything possible to pressure, terrify, or intimidate you into accepting a lower payment than you are entitled to.

Our attorneys can help you by contacting our Texas Lawyers Group office immediately at (888) 997-2148 for a case evaluation and intervention so that we may safeguard your rights and achieve the greatest possible compensation for you and your family. We work on a contingency fee basis, no upfront fees and we only earn fees if we win.