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Church Sexual Abuse Lawyers

At Texas Personal Injury Lawyers, we represent individuals who have been victim of church sexual abuse . We may listen to your story and assist you in understanding your legal options for obtaining compensation if you were sexually abused by a priest or other church official. We will handle your case with complete discretion and confidentiality, and we will work non-stop to find the best solution for you.

When a clergy member sexually abuses a church member, he or she causes significant bodily, emotional, and spiritual damage. Survivors of clerical sexual abuse endure unspeakable agony and difficulty in living with their trauma. Many of those who survived have been in hiding for a long time, unable to confront their attackers and others who allowed the abuse due to a variety of reasons. Now, though, things are changing, and brave survivors are getting the chance to hold individuals and church organizations accountable.

Texas Personal Injury Lawyers represent survivors of church sexual abuse throughout Texas and assist them in obtaining justice from religious leaders of all faiths and denominations. Please contact our lawyers at (888) 997-2148 to arrange a free, confidential consultation if you have any concerns regarding taking legal action concerning allegations of church sexual abuse.

New Legal Options Are Available To Church Sexual Abuse Survivors

The problem of church sexual abuse is not a recent one. Many of the survivors who have come forward in recent years discuss incidents that occurred decades ago.  It’s a typical experience, according to advocates for childhood sexual abuse survivors. Many survivors describe feeling overwhelmed by the emotional and spiritual suffering that comes with revealing a clergyperson’s history of sexual abuse. Many survivors have been unwilling to face the hurt of reliving old trauma since their “statute of limitations” for seeking legal retribution has long passed. Survivors have been unsure if telling their stories is worth the trauma since they do not have a legal remedy.

In order to recognize how time-expired statutes of limitations discourage survivors from coming forward, several states have introduced legislation that effectively “revives” civil claims and criminal charges against clergy sexual abuse. According to ChildUSA, several states now allow prosecutors to bring criminal charges and survivors to pursue civil action for abuse that occurred years ago, as reported by the children’s advocacy organization ChildUSA. The laws in some states have also been expanded to allow claims against not just offenders, but also church organizations that enabled or ignored clergy sexual abuse.

With these new weapons in hand, survivors of clergy sexual misconduct may be more empowered to seek justice. Their methodologies might prove particularly effective at holding religious organizations accountable. The preponderance of the evidence standard, which is a lower burden of proof than “beyond a reasonable doubt,” is used in most civil lawsuits seeking money damages. In such cases, simply demonstrating that an individual’s conduct caused harm to another person or property is sufficient (that is, “more likely than not”). That is, in many situations, even if a state prosecutor can’t build a case for criminal charges, survivors may still seek compensation and justice in civil court.

State laws on pursuing justice for past church sexual abuse continue to develop, making it vital to have a legal team like Texas Personal Injury Lawyers that are aware of any new developments in the legal field. We anticipate that more survivors of church sexual abuse will come forward as more states modify their legislation to allow for civil actions, particularly against priests and church organizations. Now is the time to contact one of our sex abuse attorneys.

Church Sexual Abuse And The Long-Term Consequences Affected By Its Survivors


Those who are sexually assaulted by religious leaders, both Catholic and otherwise, may experience significant health and psychological problems. Sexual abuse is a particularly terrible offense not only because of the devastating impact it can have on a person at the moment but also because of the long-term effects that sexual abuse may have. Survivors of sexual abuse frequently endure physical damage as a result of their traumatic experience, which may manifest in the form of straightforward bodily harm as well as sickness. The following are examples of typical physical damage endured by sexual abuse survivors:

  • Contusions (bruises)
  • Broken bones
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Damage to the genitals

Those who have suffered sexual abuse as children are more likely to suffer from a variety of health issues throughout their lives. According to studies, those who have been sexually assaulted are more likely to get the following diseases.

  • Obesity
  • Chronic pain
  • Gastrointestinal health issues
  • Gynecologic or reproductive health issues
  • Cardiopulmonary symptoms

There is also the mental anguish that clergy sexual abuse victims must deal with. Psychological trauma may not be as tangible as a broken bone caused by sexual assault, but it can have significant long-term consequences. The mental health of a person may be affected by psychological disorders, which can disrupt their relationships, careers, and life in general. The following are some prevalent psychological problems that clergy sexual abuse victims experience.

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Personality disorders

Legal Recourse For Clergy Sexual Abuse


Survivors of clergy sexual abuse have a wide range of motives for sharing their experiences. Some are seeking personal resolution. Others want to see justice served at long last. In our experience, nearly all want to assist in preventing future clergy sexual abuse against other churchgoers.

Our clients’ reasons may vary, but our objective is to offer sound, sensible, honest, and straightforward legal counsel that allows them to make the greatest decision possible about how to proceed and what action to take. The following are some of the alternatives they have:

  • Seeking Money Damages For Sexual Abuse 

Because of the enormous sums involved, money damages are typically considered a “remedy” in almost any civil case looking for justice for clergy sexual abuse. Of course, simply paying money will not repair the severe wounds caused by clergy sexual abuse. However, compensation might help to offset the expenses incurred as a result of that abuse, for the problems they’ve had to overcome, and for future treatment costs in order to assist survivors to heal. Money compensations are frequently awarded:

  • Expenses for mental health counseling and other therapy, past and future;
  • Medical expenses for treatment of injuries suffered during abuse
  • Pain and suffering from the abuse and its aftermath;
  • Impaired personal relationships; and
  • When possible, statutory and/or punitive damages.

Of course, each scenario is unique. What may be considered “recoverable” in one case may not be an option in another. We collaborate closely with our clients at Texas Personal Injury Lawyers to determine the numerous methods of financial compensation that might help them achieve a sense of justice.

  • Seeking Injunctive Relief After Sexual Abuse

In addition to monetary compensation, victims may pursue “injunctive relief,” which is the legal term for a court order compelling someone to do something. In civil legal actions alleging church sexual abuse, some survivors have obtained “injunctions” ordering churches to take action to prevent future occurrences of abuse.

Texas Personal Injury lawyers work with clients to identify potential routes for pursuing “injunctive” relief. Every case is unique, and each may require various “injunctive” remedies. We work to provide our customers with a realistic evaluation of the range of relief they may anticipate from a civil legal course of action.

Cooperating With Criminal Prosecution Of Church Sexual Abusers

In many instances, criminal charges are brought against offenders and those who aided and abetted them, particularly any allegations of church sexual abuse that occurred in more recent times. In such circumstances, survivors are frequently required to testify against the accused. Many victims participate as required by law, but many are hesitant about the personal costs and difficulties involved with being a witness in a public criminal case.

As a witness in a criminal matter, you retain your civil rights to seek money damages and other remedies through the legal system. But it might necessitate some coordination between prosecutors and your legal team to ensure that both proceedings are successful. The staff at Texas Personal Injury Lawyers has expertise in assisting clients in navigating the cross-currents of multiple criminal and civil cases. We have the knowledge to help survivors of church sexual abuse determine the best legal approach for them.

How To Get Legal Relief For Church Sexual Abuse Through The Process


Victims of church sexual abuse, like all survivors of abuse, may have reservations about taking legal action. Making a public record of prior abuse is a highly personal, emotive decision. As a result, at Texas Personal Injury Lawyers, we frequently advise survivors of clergy sexual abuse to create an emotional support system, which may include a therapist or counsellor, before consulting an attorney so that they are coming to us with a mindset in which they feel prepared and supported in making critical decisions.

When a church sexual abuse victim comes to an attorney, the attorney will want to meet and hear his or her story. The initial meeting with an attorney is strictly confidential. At Texas Personal Injury Lawyers, the consultation is also free of charge. Also, you don’t have to go ahead with any legal action if you don’t want to. In an initial meeting, our team’s goal is to listen and offer our first thoughts about a person’s possible legal choices. We never push anyone into taking legal actions they are not prepared to take.

It is necessary for survivors of church sexual abuse who choose to bring a civil case against their alleged abusers in order to retain an attorney who specializes in these kinds of cases. Survivors will usually collaborate with their lawyers in gathering evidence to back up their claims. This can be a physically and emotionally draining experience for a client, which is why we advise them to have an emotional support system. The staff at Texas Personal Injury Lawyers tries to provide clients with clear and understandable legal alternatives based on the evidence.

When the case appears to support a possible civil lawsuit for money damages and other types of compensation, an experienced church sexual abuse lawyer will outline those choices to the client. The sorts of claims that may be filed, as well as any potential legal liability on the part of other parties, are usually discussed by attorneys. An attorney can never promise a particular result, but he or she will provide the client with an idea of what damages may be possible and how much time and effort taking legal action would consume. Then it is up to the client whether to proceed with a church sexual abuse claim.

At Texas Personal Injury Lawyers, We Take Pride In Our Knowledge Of The Legal Issues And Compassion For Individuals Who Have Been The Victims Of Church Sexual Abuse


Texas Personal Injury Lawyers assist individuals who have been sexually abused by religious leaders in determining their legal options and pursuing the path to justice and accountability that works best for them. 

Please contact us right away to schedule your confidential, free, no-obligation consultation.