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Blindness Accident Claims Lawyer

Loss of vision can be devastating. Your entire life is likely to change when you have blindness. You may lose the ability to read, drive, and even care for yourself.

Assistive technologies, service dogs, and other modifications may assist with mitigating the loss of your sight. These sorts of assistance, on the other hand, might be costly. As a result, you may be required to pursue compensation from the individual or company that caused your vision loss.

Contact the skilled attorneys at Texas Personal Injury Lawyers for a free consultation to discuss your case for compensation following eye injuries or blindness. We’ll go over the facts of your situation and assist you in exploring your legal alternatives. Texas Personal Injury Lawyers is ready to defend you.

What Causes Traumatic Eye Injuries?

The sophisticated mechanisms inside your eyes can break down if you damage the lens, iris, retina, or optic nerve. The following are some of the most frequent eye injuries:

  • Broken Orbital Bone

The eye is encased by the orbital bone, which forms the eye socket. A fractured orbital bone can endanger your eyesight as muscles are caught in the bone shards. If left untreated, this might limit your eye’s mobility.

In rare situations, the crushed bone shards might induce bleeding in the eye socket. Endovascular surgeons must seek to reduce this sort of hematoma since the accumulation of blood may press on the optic nerve, permanently damaging it.

The bone fragments may also cause damage to the eye and optic nerve. A bone fragment can burst an eye or cut the optic nerve, resulting in permanent blindness.

  • Detached Retina

A blow to the head can cause the retina to detach from the interior surface of the eye and render it useless. The retina’s blood supply is lost when it detaches, preventing it from communicating with the optic nerve.

An eye surgeon can perform emergency surgery to reconnect a partially separated retina to the eye. However, damage to the retina while it was detached might result in some vision loss.

  • Foreign Object in the Eye

A foreign object might get caught in the eye as a result of an accident. If the thing is trapped between the eye and the eye socket without piercing the eye, it can cause severe discomfort. Foreign objects may sometimes be removed by ophthalmologists without long-term consequences.

If an item penetrates the eye, doctors will almost certainly need to operate. Depending on where the item entered, there could be long-term eye damage as a consequence of extraction.

  • Chemical Burns

Eye tissue can be damaged by caustic chemicals. On contact, acids, solvents, and cleaning agents contain chemicals that might harm the eye.

The type of chemical employed, as well as how long it was in touch with the eye, will determine the degree of damage to the eye. In certain circumstances, immediate first aid may be able to minimize the harm. Some chemicals, such as lye, drain cleaner, and fertilizer, can cause instant and permanent blindness.

What Are the Eye Injuries and Blindness Risk Factors?


Trauma to the eye can occur in nearly every accident. You risk eye injuries and blindness if your head can strike an object or objects can strike the eye at any time.

  • Car Accidents

Ophthalmologists are frequently called in to treat orbital fractures caused by automobile accidents. In a front-end or rear-end collision, the head and torso lurch toward the steering wheel or dashboard. At roughly the same time, the airbag deploys and advances at high speed toward the head.

Although the airbag may be life-saving, it can also shatter facial bones, including the orbital bone. When the orbital bone is fractured, distinct fragments of bone may pierce the eye and eye socket, causing ocular trauma.

In addition to the danger of an orbital fracture, vehicle accidents involve a lot of flying debris. During a collision, broken glass, plastic, metal, and gravel might fly into your face. These foreign bodies may pierce your eyes.

  • Workplace Accidents

A frequent sort of employee accident is a fall. The face can strike the floor, a ladder, a scaffolding, or another surface when a worker falls from a height, trips and falls, or slips and falls. It’s possible that the orbital bone will fracture if it strikes the surface.

In some situations, the eye may strike a surface during the fall. Scratches to the cornea or even the eyeball can occur as a result of this. Even if the eye does not come into direct contact with a hard surface, a blow to the head may result in retinal detachment.

Workers are also exposed to chemicals on the job. Fertilizers, pesticides, paints, fuels, cleaners, solvents, and acids can cause chemical burns by splashing into the eyes.

  • Defective Products

Defective goods can break or explode, causing fragments to fly into the eyes. They may also contain hazardous chemicals that can burn the eyes if they are exposed to them.

How Are Eye Injuries And Blindness Treated?


Foreign bodies, chemicals from the eye, and surgical repair of damage to the eye and orbital bone are all used in ophthalmology to treat eye injuries. After therapy, eyesight may return in some people.

However, in certain situations, even after treatment, blindness or diminished sight might endure. This is usually caused by irreversible damage to the eye’s eye ball, retina, blood vessels supplying the eye, or optic nerve.

What Can I Get Compensation For If I Have An Eye Injury Or Lose My Sight?


The types of damages for eye injuries or blindness caused by someone else’s negligence are classified as follows:

  • Economic Damages

Damages in excess of your personal injury compensation are referred to as economic damages. These factors include the immediate expenses associated with your accident, such as medical bills and missed earnings. When you suffer a major eye damage or permanently harm your eyesight, you may be entitled to significant economic damages.

Your lost income is the difference between what you were earning and what you would have earned if your condition had not worsened. You can claim the money you would have earned for the rest of your working career if your partial or total blindness forces you to change occupations or retire from work.

  • Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages compensate for your physical discomfort and mental suffering. Eye injuries may be quite painful. Losing part or all of your eyesight can induce sadness and anxiety. As a result, non-economic damages following a serious eye injury might be significant.

If you or a loved one has suffered an eye injury or blindness as a result of someone else’s negligence, you’ll need to document the damage with copies of your medical records. Your attorney may also want to consult an expert witness to show how your loss of eyesight or vision is linked to your physical injuries from the accident.

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How Much is Lost Eyesight Worth?

Our eyes allow us to see our surroundings, read faces, feel emotions, concentrate on work, and perceive danger. Because of the depth, spatial awareness, and complexity required for our survival, the human body is constructed with two eyes. Our capacity to thrive and survive is diminished if we lose our sight in only one eye.

When a customer comes to Texas Personal Injury Lawyers with an eye injury, it is our duty as attorneys to get the most financial compensation possible for our client’s eyes. However, each eye Texas accident case is different, and several factors must be considered in order to evaluate your situation’s worth.

How Strong Is The Link Between The Accident And Your Eye Injury?


The reason we’re interested in your eye injury is that the more direct connection it has to the accident, the clearer we can determine liability and negligence of the at-fault party. When it’s unclear how your eye was damaged, it’ll be increasingly tough to get full compensation for your eye damage from someone else. This is a question that requires the assistance of an experienced Boulder personal injury lawyer.

What Is The Nature Of Your Eye Injury?


If your eye was injured in an accident, a knowledgeable Boulder personal injury lawyer should strive to figure out the nature of your eye injury. It’s critical that your medical practitioners, such as physicians, surgeons, therapists, and counselors, are included in your case; your attorney can help you do this.

The nature of an eye injury is determined by two things: first, how has your life been altered; and second, what is the outlook for your condition?

Sometimes it’s useful to consider a graph with two ends: one that is barely influencing your life and another in which your eye can fully recover in a short amount of time. At the other extreme, you might imagine a minor scratch to your eyelid and some blurriness that vanished after a few hours. These claims are generally modest in worth. On the other side, however, is irreversible blindness in both eyes, which your doctors predict will be permanent. These cases, on the other hand, have a huge value.

There is no cut-and-paste answer to how significant an eye injury or vision loss claim may be. Rather, personal injury attorneys and insurance adjusters will consider numerous variables while evaluating eye injury case value, including:

  • how much work have you missed or will continue to miss;
  • are you unable to work;
  • how well are you still able to see;
  • will your eyesight improve over time or do you have permanent vision loss;
  • is one or both eyes affected;
  • do you live in a place where help for the blind is readily available;
  • are you able to walk places or do you need to drive;
  • do you have loved ones who can assist you or are you alone;
  • how old are you;
  • did you have prior eye issues such as eye disease;
  • what activities and hobbies are you unable to do;
  • and many others depending on the case.

The answers to these questions are many, and an experienced personal injury lawyer can assist you in determining and properly explaining the significance of your accident to the insurance adjuster. The value of your eye injury or vision loss will be determined by how effectively you can express your narrative of how your accident has impacted you to an adjuster or a jury.

Taking Care Of You And Your Eyes


The human eye is not yet scientifically reconstructed or duplicated. However, there are methods by which many people who have suffered eye injuries can recover some sight. We may also advise clients to ophthalmologists that specialize in ocular trauma and utilize cutting-edge surgical approaches as well as other therapies to restore eyesight.

We have a track record of obtaining the compensation that our clients are entitled to receive through the civil courts, as well as maximizing medical care, lost earnings, and pain and suffering for eye injuries. We also assist clients with all related issues, from negotiating with the insurance company to making sure that your doctor’s bills are paid.

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